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Who We Are

When was the last time you were angry enough to do something about it?

Does your anger drive you to your writing desk? Do you scribble, nay, scratch your anger into lengthy verses of poetry, prose, or some gobsmacked form altogether? Then we want to hear you.

We are a reading series for your rage. Let’s face it, these are tough times. There’s lots to be sour about, but not enough places to make lemonade. Road rage will kill you, the internet is a toxic cesspool and your friends don’t listen to you anymore.

Don’t worry, we got you.

An Angry Reading Series is a monthly collaborative art project created by Meher Manda and Chelsea Asher in an effort to channel timely anger into meaningful literary work. We endeavour to bring together writers whose work is driven by an element of dissatisfaction. Your work could be informed by unbending rage, or the quiet that precedes the storm, or abject satire brought on by ennui. You could be mad about our political climate, the constant microaggression you face with respect to your identity, or anything in between. We want to hear you heal through impassioned and evocative pieces of work.

We currently reside in Harlem, but are welcome to readers from all over.

P. S. We are a supportive community and we don’t have place for anger brought about by bigotry and intolerance. We’re open to all kinds of writing, and all other ethical expressions of anger.

Founders, Curators, and Angry Women

Meher Manda


Meher Manda is a poet, short story writer, journalist, and educator from Mumbai, currently straddling the brutality of New York City’s rent. She earned her MFA in Fiction from The College of New Rochelle, and is the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Canopy Review. She’s currently working on her debut prose-poetry collection, and can be found being professional here, and being silly @meherness.
She also writes and edits Quick Temper on An Angry Reading Series

Chelsea Asher

Chelsea Asher

Chelsea Asher is a writer of the weird and the uncomfortable and currently underway with her MFA in Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she is also Editor-in-chief of Lumina literary journal. When she’s not being a student, she’s a teacher in schools, and coordinates a children’s book writing residency in Westchester county with incarcerated mothers.

We’re overjoyed to be hosted by the most wonderful people at Grill On The Hill. City College students, let’s be best friends.
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