Quick Temper with Samira Sadeque


Samira Sadeque is a Bangladeshi journalist and poet, writing on immigration, mental health, gender. Her work appears on Button Poetry (video), and in No, Dear Magazine, ActiveMuse, In Full Color, among other publications. Currently, as a City Lore artist, she teaches poetry for middle schoolers in Queens. Her poem “Fire” has been nominated for a 2019 Best of the Net award.

Here’s Quick Temper with Samira—

Why do you write?

I write to grieve, I write to process and I write to find home for my truth – often times, I feel that my truth belongs after I’ve put it out in the universe and it resonates with others. 

Who do you hope reads your work?

I hope people reading my work are those who are facing similar issues that I portray in my work – hopelessness, mental health, immigration, loneliness; but I also hope that some people reading are those from the opposite end of the spectrum, coming from a completely different place but getting the perspective of a narrative different from theirs.  

Where does the anger in your work come from? How does it manifest? 

My mother brought me up always telling me to contain my anger, to tame it, try to make it water. Now it’s an ocean inside me. That’s where the anger in my writing comes from. I always say that anger is just a lazy emotion — it’s an excuse for whatever other emotion that’s deeper within us. In my writing, what starts as anger at the beginning, becomes water, becomes processed as it becomes a poem. It manifests by calming in the journey of becoming a poem. 

Angry book recommendations for angry readers?

Purple Hibiscus – Chimamanda Adichie

Samira Sadeque will be reading with An Angry Reading Series on November 16! Come through. 


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