Quick Temper with Parks Kugle

Parks Kugle

Parks Kugle is a current MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College. He has lived in Austin and New Orleans where he has worked for media companies and non-profits. He is the Managing Editor of Lumina Literary Journal, and his story Married Swine was recently published in Flash Fiction Magazine. He is in the process of redrafting his first novel. He lives in the Bronx.

Here’s Quick Temper with Parks Kugle—

Why do you write? 
Writing is how I filter reality, how I argue, how I coerce, and how I understand the world around me. Without writing I feel like a boiling pot with the lid on. But even that explanation doesn’t fully answer the question. Writing is ingrained within me and it is one of my greatest needs as a person.
Who do you hope reads your work?
People who need what I have to say. I hope that the desolate, the upset, the curious, the alone, and the bored find my work and it sparks new life, new possibilities, within them like so many of the books that influenced me did.
Where does the anger in your work come from? How does it manifest?
The anger in my work is generally pointed towards society. I consider myself a humanist, but I’m also fed up with the small minded antics of my fellows and this manifests in my themes. However, my tone is never angry. This is mostly because I have a hard time articulating when I’m possessed by white hot rage.
Angry book recommendations for angry readers?
The Filth by Grant Morrison.
Parks Kugle will be reading at An Angry Reading Series S1 E2. Come through! 

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